Support plans

For the extra safety of your project, you can buy commercial support for OneWebSQL. We offer three support plans for OneWebSQL:

  Premium Standard Non-commercial
  Premium plan is available for purchase with commercial OneWebSQL license. This plan is intended for clients that develop medium-sized to large projects (5+ developers). It includes response time guarantees and priority feature requests support in addition to all the benefits of standard support plan. If you buy premium support you'll receive top quality service from the very people who created OneWebSQL. Standard plan is available for free for every customer of commercial OneWebSQL license. This means that if you buy OneWebSQL commercial license, you automatically get standard support plan. This plan includes priority bugfixes (should you find one) in addition to all the benefits of non-commercial support plan. Non-commercial plan is available for free for every user of non-commercial or academic license. This means that if you obtain OneWebSQL license, you automatically get non-ommercial support plan. This plan includes help from the team of our engineers with installing, configuring and integrating OneWebSQL in your development environment.
$64per developer seat
Free Free
Free upgrades      
Deployment and
configuration support
Priority bugfixes      
Priority feature
Response time
3business days

How to buy premium support plan?

Just check "Premium support" option when you buy OneWebSQL.


Free upgrades

If have OneWebSQL license, you can freely upgrade OneWebSQL to the newest version that was available during your licensing period.

Deployment and configuration support

We'll help you deploy and configure OneWebSQL in your development environment. If you have non-standard build system or don't know how to integrate OneWebSQL with your database or application server we'll get you quickly up to speed.

Priority bugfixes

If you find any bug, we'll drop everything we do and fix it ASAP.

Priority feature requests

We'll make your feature request as top-priority in our development schedule.

Response time guarantee

For Premium plan we'll response within 3 business days, guaranteed.

For Standard and Non-commercial plans the response time will be reasonable, but no specific response time guarantees are given.

Want something different? Having trouble? We'd like to help!

If you have additional support requirements or if you have anyquestions not addressed on this page, please contact us: send us an email to .