Sybase performance management

Efficient databases and hardware solutions
Extreme transaction processing systems must support tens of thousands of concurrent users while maintaining ultra-fast, uninterrupted performance on cost-effective standards-based platforms.
Faced with the requirements of data management and storage and transactional processing, we offer high-performance database sysetms of the industry leaders - sybase performance management and IBM. Our offer includes systems such as Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) or Sybase IQ and hardware solutions such as IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52, SAP HANA or Neteeza or Oracle Exadata.

IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 XI52

sybase performance managementThe IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 is a network device that - without disrupting operation or significantly impairing network performance - performs typical transformation, integration and message routing functions within one platform. The use of dedicated equipment facilitates the use of the solution, ensures high scalability and helps to reduce infrastructure complexity, reduce operating costs and achieve higher efficiency.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a solution for large corporations. It is a system for managing relational databases operating in IT environments. It is designed to support web-based information portals, distributed transactions, XML and network services. It provides technology of access and data transfer, handling of distributed transactions and queries between Sybase and other suppliers.As a key enterprise database management system used by 24 of the 25 largest global banks and 46 of the 50 largest global banks and insurance companies, the ASE server is known for its high reliability, best performance and low total cost of ownership.

Sybase IQ

sybase performance managementSybase IQ is from Business Intelligence. Sybase IQ is an analytical server that has been optimized to support data warehouses and decision support applications. It is designed for efficient analysis of large amounts of data. It contains patented Vertical Partitioning technology. IQ is a column-based database (CODB). Data is stored in columns (each column separately) and not in rows (records) as in conventional databases. This contributes to a very fast handling of complex, unplanned queries. Sybase IQ does not require time-consuming and costly fine-tuning to maintain high query processing efficiency.
These features confirm the award-winning results: more than 1,800 customers and more than 3,200 projects worldwide, support from leading industry analysts, media and experts, blogs and test results.
Sybase received the Guinness record for the largest data warehouse in the world: One Petabyte of Data, Six Trillion Transactional Rows, Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server, BMMsoft Server

Value for the Customer:

sybase performance managementHigh system performance and scalability - Sybase ASE enables advanced IT systems to achieve performance of millions of transactions per minute in terabytes-based databases with a constant increase in the volume of processed data and number of transactions.

Reduce operational risk - Sybase ASE ensures the security of IT systems in the most sensitive areas such as data security, system stability and disaster recovery. It ensures high availability and security at the level of the database without the need to modify the application.Improved efficiency and use of resources - Sybase ASE system effectively uses hardware capabilities and minimizes unused resources, ensuring high efficiency without the need for expensive hardware. Costs related to database administration are also significantly reduced, due to the fact that the ASE system requires much less commitment from administrators than in for other leading suppliers of database systems.

sybase performance managementReduction of IT overheads - Sybase ASE offers a low cost of system ownership (TCO), achieved by reducing the costs associated with licensing, implementation, operation and updating of the ASE database system. The low final cost is composed of a reasonable license price, advantages of the software itself, which does not require high hardware expenditures, and relatively low administration expenses.

Fast access to information - Thanks to Sybase IQ you can analyze business results, detect fraud, measure the results of marketing activities, manage customer relations and ensure control over finances in a previously impossible way.
 Sybase IQ savings make faster, more efficient and cost effective reporting and decision support systems within reach.