OneWebSQL Features at a glance!

Overview of OneWebSQL

OneWebSQL is an O/R mapping for Java and your one-stop shop for Java database applications. It's a code generation engine that takes an SQL database model as input and automatically outputs your Java infrastructure - DAOs, DTOs, and more - saving hours of repetitive coding. It serves as a transparent access layer between Java and SQL. And it makes updates a snap with explicit error-catching.

Don't you hate it when a simple database change breaks your app?

You've spent months building your software, only to scrap a big chunk of it during a simple database update. You painstakingly hunt through your code to make hundreds of corrections, muttering curses against DBAs everywhere.

Finally everything compiles, but you still have that sneaking suspicion that you forgot to change something, somewhere. When your app inevitably breaks two days later, the whole company breathes down your neck while you frantically search for what went wrong.

After a few cycles you start to dread every change. But don't worry! OneWebSQL is here to help.

Stay agile, stay flexible, iterate faster.

OneWebSQL lets you iterate your project faster. The code generator relieves you from boring and repetitive programming.  The database access layer is already built in. And with generated constants, a fluent Java API, and IDE code completion, you can build SQL queries quickly and correctly.

OneWebSQL lets you regain control in the midst of changing requirements.  Need to update a table or column? No problem: just update the model, regenerate the sources, and compile again. Need to know which classes were affected? With OneWebSQL every incompatibility is a compilation error. How long did it take you to find them last time?

OneWebSQL stays out of your way

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. So we built OneWebSQL for use as a whole or just the parts you need. All its building blocks work seamlessly with other Java database technologies.

When the automated code isn't enough, you'll have our JDBC toolkit at your disposal. With the toolkit, you can use any vendor extension or database feature in a way that's exception safe and SQL-injection safe. You won't have to pollute your code with pages of boilerplate JDBC setup and exception handling. Just focus on the important stuff.

  • Over 5 millions users run systems built with OneWebSQL.
  • OneWebSQL powers more than 30 enterprise-class systems.
  • OneWebSQL to date has generated code for over 6,500 tables and views.
  • OneWebSQL to date has generated over 6,000,000 lines of code.
  • OneWebSQL to date has generated over 250 MB of source code.
  • Last year over 700 millon dollars changed hands through OneWebSQL systems.
  • OneWebSQL is used to build the systems that handle over 1500 TPS (database transactions per second).
  • OneWebSQL is run by ING, Amway, Raiffeisen, AEGON, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It's impossible to make an error

OneWebSQL guards you completely from syntax errors.  Our object-oriented, type-safe, fluent Java API won't let invalid queries compile, so you can relax and forget about stupid spelling mistakes.

OneWebSQL is SQL-injection safe.  Every database command issued by OneWebSQL uses PreparedStatement.  Even if you concatenate strings yourself, there's no possibility that OneWebSQL will use them unquoted. So check that worry off your list.

Our JDBC toolkit takes care of connection retrieval, type-safe object construction, proper exception handling, and cleanup. Quick, did you remember that closing ResultSet can throw SQLException? Stop worrying: we'll handle it for you.

Simplicity under the hood

We don't believe in putting "magic" under the hood. OneWebSQL does exactly what you'd expect of it and nothing more. Its operations translate directly to SQL, without any unnecessary logic that tries to know better than you. Remember that nasty surprise when you learned about lazy fetching? We do things differently.

When you're hunting a bug, you want to get to the root cause as quickly as possible. What SQL was sent to the database? What was returned? OneWebSQL gives you full control and visibility with no overhead.

Standards compliance, modern features, IDE support

OneWebSQL makes heavy use of SQL and JDBC standards. We avoid using vendor-specific features, and when that's not possible, we put the necessary code in dialect-specific database adapters.

We rely on modern Java features: fluent APIs, generics, and static imports. You'll get to write your code in a clean, direct style that reflects SQL syntax. Use the generated constants and dictionaries together with IDE code completion to code lightning-fast and without errors.

Generics protect you from stupid casting mistakes that can happen when you use JDBC directly. Don't worry about column names, types or runtime errors.  If your database changes, the compiler will flag the invalid code as compilation errors.

Don't waste your talent coding what a machine can generate!

The OneWebSQL code generator takes your database model and churns out all the necessary Java sources for your database access layer. What used to take months of hand coding is now ready in just a few seconds. Enjoy your free DAOs, DTOs, naming constants, dictionaries, type-safe object builder, and more.

Need to change a table or column? No problem: just update the model, regenerate the code, and compile. Every incompatible change will pop up as a compilation error. No complaints, no mistakes, perfect reliability. Focus on the important code and leave the boring stuff to the machine.

Verify the power of OneWebSQL yourself! Try it for free or read more about features.